About His Life

Patrick was very much his own person, he never was one to care much about what other people thought of him. He had an amazing sense of humor but it was almost a dry sense of humor as you never quite knew if he was laughing with you or at you. He was very witty

Patrick was a realist, he didn't get into religion at all which we always debated about because of my strong faith.

Patrick didn't have a lot of friends but he didn't want many. The friends he did have knew they were fortunate to have him around, he made this known. LOL

He would give you the shirt off of his back to help you if he could, there is nothing he would not do if he thought it would help you.

He was a hard worker with a great work ethic, he was never lazy.

Patrick was raised by his Mother and has one Sister and he is the Father of Beautiful twin Girls.

And I am his best friend, my name is Jennifer Moore.

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